Relieve your stress and feel like an action movie hero in the new place of entertainment in Riga, Latvia
Reboot your nervous system and boost your energy in the new entertainment location in Riga, Latvia
Modern Shooting Range With A Large Assortment -
You Can't Get Bored Here!
This is a place where you will get thrilling emotions, experience new sensations and have a great time.
You'll have enough time
Be sure that the number of shots will not seem small and the event will not end before it starts.
Get to try everything
We have various offers that differ by price and assortment. Everyone can find the most suitable deal.
Easy to book
You can book online and our manager will contact you to confirm the reservation.
The most important thing - You Do Not Need Any Experience Our professionional will teach you everything.
An experienced instructor will provide detailed training and supervise you.
Supervision and consultation of a trainer-instructor
Before shooting, you will receive all necessary information about the proper handling of an equipmen as well as supervision and support of a professional trainer-instructor in the process.
You will be confident no matter what.
Certificate of Shooting
After the shooting you will receive a certificate with your name and surname.
How to Book a Date
Choose a plan
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Book your shooting
Fill the form inside shopping cart or call directly +37120285722 to finish the order
Receive confirmation
You will receive a call from our reservation department to confirm shooting time. After that you will receive SMS or E-mail with further instructions
Come and enjoy
Bring your passport and come enjoy shooting!
Important: Do not come to the shooting range without confirmation from our operator! We provide shooting services to our guests after previous reservation only!
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Choose the most suitable plan from the 4 existing ones
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Gift card
Gift card is valid 30 days from the date of purchase. This means that you have 30 days to book your shooting.
Perfect gift that will guarantee a splash of emotions and wonderful experience!
Gift cards value is 70€. Gift cards are available also in other values, for more information and to purchase please call T: +371 20285722
From what age can you shoot?
Riga Shoot:
You can shoot from 18 years of age, or from 16 under supervision of parents!
What should I bring with me?
Riga Shoot:
The only thing necessary is valid passport or ID for registration. (driving licence is not valid)
What are your opening hours? Can I come to the shooting range just like that, without making a reservation?
Riga Shoot:
Our reservations department is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00!
Our shooting services are available only by previous appointment, please, do not come if you have not received booking confirmation from our operator!
How to find us
+371 20285722

Džukstes iela 6A, Rīga, Latvija

Work time:
Reservation department:
Every day 10:00 - 20:00

Shooting Range:
Every day upon reservation
Our shooting services are available only by previous reservation, please, do not come if you have not received booking confirmation from our operator!
Rules of safety and internal order
1. Shooting takes place only under the guidance of a certified instructor at the shooting range.

2. Safety requirements and shooting instructor's orders are binding to all persons who are in the shooting range.

3. If the shooting instructor has a reason to believe that the person is under the influence of intoxicating substances or in a state of health in which a weapon cannot be safely used, the instructor has rights to not permit the use of the weapon.

4. The person is allowed to be in the shooting position and on the shooting line only with the permission of the instructor. The person is not allowed to leave the weapon and ammunition unattended and does not give it to other persons (except instructor).

5. If there is a person or an unexpected obstacle at the target or at the shooting danger sector, it is forbidden to touch and use the weapon.

6. The weapon is loaded only when standing on the firing line, the weapon can be directed only towards the target, targeting and firing is allowed only at the target while standing on the shooting line (place). It is forbidden to touch the weapons of nearby persons.

7. Other persons are prohibited from distracting or otherwise obstructing the person performing the shooting exercise.

8. Weapons are loaded and fired only after the command of the instructor.

9. Every person has to stop shooting immediately after the instructor`s command "Stop" or after any other command, which has been given in understandable form and language, the person immediately has to discharge and place the weapon on the bench, as well as show the weapon to the instructor while not leaving the shooting line.

10. It is forbidden to leave the shooting line if the weapon is ready for shooting.

11. The person shall immediately notify the instructor of any circumstance that could endanger the safety of the person.

12. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.

13. The specific actions with the weapon is the responsibility of the weapon user, the instructor only gives commands, manages the shooting and controls the execution of the commands (execution of security techniques).

14. During the shooting there may be taken photo and video materials, that SIA "Latvian Practical Shooting Center" and "RigaShoot" is entitled to use for its communication and advertising purposes.
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